Alternative Illustration Lesson : Erika’s Cassette tapes + Film Reels

(Bob Marley,John Lennon,Alfred Hitchcock,Kurt Cobain and Maggie Cheung.)

Series of art work entitled ‘Ghost in the Machine’ by self-taught artist Erika Iris Simmons using Cassette tapes and Film reels. Just,magnificent.


Something which has been sitting in my brain for about 2 days : Oh dear Alphonse

work by French humorist Alphonse Allais entitled :

Apoplectic Cardinals Harvesting Tomatoes on the Shore of the Red Sea (Study of the Aurora Borealis)

I have to say I sniggered a little bit when i first saw the work and read the title. It also reminds me abit of Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’. But both have extremely different message to convey.

Damara Kaminecki : Reminds me of Mel

Beautiful collage works by Damara Kaminecki.Born and raised in chicago,this talented Pratt Institute
graduate has worked with Dirt Rag Magazine, Suave Shampoo, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Magazine,
World Book Encyclopedia, The Nashville Scene, The River Front Times. Currently she is working as
a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn.

Another accidental Sculptural post : 30 years from Scott Weaver

Quite honestly,I find it hard to digest the fact that this man actually holds on to his childhood interest for 30 years.(Being born on a Leap Day makes him technically just 12.Hm).

“I always had a dream that I would build the world’s largest toothpick sculpture,”,and he did. Standing at 9 feet tall, 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep,this massive sculpture entitled ‘Rolling through the Bay’ is made up of over 1 million toothpicks.With four ping pong ball tracks and over a dozen entry points to maneuver you through this replica of San Francisco.

Source : Apartment Therapy

An accidental sculptural post : Mr Catalano

First and foremost, apologies for 140 days of absence.

Beautiful sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalano.At which I thought at first were beautiful oil/watercolor works.(especially the 4th picture)

Born in 1960,Bruno started his career as a sculptor at the age of 30.Seen above are his works from the series entitled ‘ Les Voyaguers ‘ (The Travellers)

and on what one of his galleries has to say  :
“[Bruno Catalano’s] works reveal his desire to capture the viewer’s attention while stamping his unique mark on the subject. …
These astonishing works, with their dashed bodies and the determined lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentally reconstitute its limits.
… Through his statuary, he re-enacts the adventure of the human species, always between two riverbanks, repelling all borders.”

for quah