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Another accidental Sculptural post : 30 years from Scott Weaver

Quite honestly,I find it hard to digest the fact that this man actually holds on to his childhood interest for 30 years.(Being born on a Leap Day makes him technically just 12.Hm).

“I always had a dream that I would build the world’s largest toothpick sculpture,”,and he did. Standing at 9 feet tall, 7 feet wide and 2 feet deep,this massive sculpture entitled ‘Rolling through the Bay’ is made up of over 1 million toothpicks.With four ping pong ball tracks and over a dozen entry points to maneuver you through this replica of San Francisco.

Source : Apartment Therapy


An accidental sculptural post : Mr Catalano

First and foremost, apologies for 140 days of absence.

Beautiful sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalano.At which I thought at first were beautiful oil/watercolor works.(especially the 4th picture)

Born in 1960,Bruno started his career as a sculptor at the age of 30.Seen above are his works from the series entitled ‘ Les Voyaguers ‘ (The Travellers)

and on what one of his galleries has to say  :
“[Bruno Catalano’s] works reveal his desire to capture the viewer’s attention while stamping his unique mark on the subject. …
These astonishing works, with their dashed bodies and the determined lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentally reconstitute its limits.
… Through his statuary, he re-enacts the adventure of the human species, always between two riverbanks, repelling all borders.”

Sculpture with a Purpose

Design by : gioiadesign

Beauty in stainless steel. The Monolith transforms itself from a slim and long sculpture to a dining table for 10.

“Abstraction has often been associated with a lack of connection”





Paintings and Sculptures by : Justin Andrews via but does it float