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An accidental sculptural post : Mr Catalano

First and foremost, apologies for 140 days of absence.

Beautiful sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalano.At which I thought at first were beautiful oil/watercolor works.(especially the 4th picture)

Born in 1960,Bruno started his career as a sculptor at the age of 30.Seen above are his works from the series entitled ‘ Les Voyaguers ‘ (The Travellers)

and on what one of his galleries has to say  :
“[Bruno Catalano’s] works reveal his desire to capture the viewer’s attention while stamping his unique mark on the subject. …
These astonishing works, with their dashed bodies and the determined lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentally reconstitute its limits.
… Through his statuary, he re-enacts the adventure of the human species, always between two riverbanks, repelling all borders.”


Hermes X Tokujin Yoshioka

Installation work by Tokujin Yoshioka for Hermès. Installation never looked this alive . Souffler .

Seeder;it comes alive at night


Via : M o r f a i

Seeder that comes alive only at night.This reminds me of  an arts exhibit happening this weekend.

BLACKOUT/July 17 :6:30pm – July 19:11pm/Q Square,Tai Seng Street,Singapore/Free Admission/Map

“I felt only night within me…” – K. Malevich, Art Manifesto, 1927

ART EXHIBITION in a giant warehouse. Navigate in the dark – drawn only by the light and shadows of works of art. As you await the darkness, take refuge at the art and music lounge decked with EMU designer furniture and bop to Loof’s edgy mix of downtempo electronica.

ZigZag Zombie/To make Crap



By : I ♥ typeworkshop

Zigzag Zombie
Keep folding material until lettering is finished

First the zigzag:
Take one long piece of material, and make letters by endlessly folding the material. Material can be anything: rolls of paper (easy for sketching), tape, thin metal, toilet paper, thin cardboard, etc. as long as it is long, and as long as you can fold it. Keep sketching and experimenting, and try to find different ways of creating letters with your material. Create a strong, outspoken, unique style.

Then the zombie:
Once you have found your specific visual style of lettering, go to the city, pick one location, and create a large scale zigzag lettering and make passerby’s hallucinate.