For : H1.N1




Artist : To Be Someone by Mintdesigners

(words by Mintdesigners)

Mintdesigners were certainly in a good mood when they decided to create white masks for anybody who wants to be somebody. In Japan it is part of the daily life to see people in the streets wearing masks in order to protect themselves from germs or cold. The demand is so big that designers couldn’t ignore this phenomenon. Mintdesigners decided to create a mask that can cheer someone up but with a touch of fashion and humour.
Using a special polyester filament nonwoven fabric, called SMASH, provided by Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation, they managed to create 3D designs such as a shape of a chimpanzee’s face. Smash is a nonwoven highly functional fabric which can be molded using hot press process. The material does not tear easily and has superior permeability as well as excellent print quality thanks to its smooth surface.


One response to “For : H1.N1

  1. ooo. the ‘monkey’ mask rocks my panties!

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